Women's Directorate

Women's Directorate

Training and public education

Gender inclusive analysis policy and program training

Who it's for: Yukon government staff
Date: This workshop is held twice a year

What it's about: This one-day workshop uses Yukon-based policies and programs to explore how gender inclusive analysis can be used to assess and strengthen policies, programs, and legislation for women and men. It addresses differences resulting from: gender, race, class, ability, age, and sexual orientation. Participants will use statistics, social policy resources and case studies as they learn to apply a diversity lens to their work.

How can I register? Contact PSC Staff Development Branch for more information.

Can I take this training if I am not a Yukon government employee? Contact us to find out more. 

Yukon College women's and gender studies program

This program looks at the lives, contributions and experiences of women. It examines materials by and about women and places women's knowledge at the center of this process.

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Public education

We help advance the economic, legal and social equality of women in the Yukon through public education. Contact us if you are looking for information on:

  • Financial assistance for Yukon women’s groups providing education and support to Yukon women
  • How we can contribute to public education initiatives associated with International Women’s Day, Sexual Assault Prevention Month and Women Abuse Prevention Month.
  • Sponsoring/co-sponsoring guest speakers on issues of interest to women.
  • Producing a poster for Women's History Month (October) that commemorates the achievements of Yukon women.  

Contact us 

Location: Unit 1, 404 Hanson Street
Whitehorse, Yukon

Mailing address:
Box 2703 (WD-1)
Whitehorse, YT
Y1A 2C6

Phone: (867) 667-3030
Toll Free: 1-800-661-0408 Ext. 3030
Fax: (867) 393-6270
Email: stephanie.coulthard@gov.yk.ca

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