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Dawson City Women's Shelter
Help and Hope for Families: Watson Lake Transition Home
Kaushee's Place / Yukon Women's Transition Home

Dawson City Women's Shelter

The Dawson City Women's Shelter provides confidential shelter, support and advocacy to women and children in crisis on a 24 hour basis. The home also provides emergency shelter to transient women and their children and acts as an emergency foster home for the Yukon government Department of Health and Social Services. Free outreach services include:

  • home visits
  • Youth Centre activities
  • weekly childcare drop-in program

Phone: 867-993-5086 | Fax: 867-993-6235
Mailing address: Box 784 | Dawson City, Yukon | Y0B 1G0
E-mail: Diane Schroeder

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Help and Hope For Families: Watson Lake transition home/women's shelter

A 24-hour shelter for women and children fleeing an abusive relationship. They offer a 24 hour crisis line, safety, confidentiality, advocacy, resource information, referrals and non-judgmental support.

The "I am me" program is run out of the shelter by Community Action Program for Children (CAPC). This prevention/early intervention program is for children 3 to 6 years of age who may be experiencing behavioural changes as a result of circumstances as well as developmental needs of children such as: self esteem, anger, confidence, feelings and much more.

Phone: 867-536-7233 (24 hours) | Fax: 867-536-7770
Mailing Address: Box 864 | Watson Lake, Yukon | Y0A 1C0
E-mail: Caron Statham 

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Kaushee's Place / Yukon Women's Transition Home

We are staffed 24 hours a day and provide transportation to the transition home within city limits. The home offers:

  • outreach, support and advocacy for women and their children fleeing abuse.
  • no-cost 30 day crisis level stay
  • independent second-stage housing in a secure environment based on Yukon housing rates
  • full time child care worker
  • donation room available to women
  • 24-hour crisis line and a drop-in outreach service

Crisis Line: 668-5733 (collect calls accepted from outside Whitehorse) | Phone: 867-633-7720 | Fax: 867-668-2374
Mailing Address: Box 31392 | Whitehorse, Yukon | Y1A 6K8
E-mail: Barbara McInerney

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