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Violence prevention

The aim of the Am I the Solution? social marketing  campaign is to shed light on the ways that people - often unknowingly - contribute to a Yukon culture that perpetuates violence against women.

The social marketing campaign uses social media tools and a grass roots approach in the following ways:

  • An initial series of posters and advertisements encouraging Yukoners to think about the ways everyone has an impact on the issue of violence against women and girls.
  • A Facebook page featuring 150 portraits of Yukoners who are committed to ending violence against women and girls. Am I the Solution Facebook page.
  • A social art project composed of five standing wooden silhouettes featuring anti-violence messaging. Silhouettes photo gallery.
  • A series of posters targeted at youth 13 to 17 years old depicting statistics on violence against women and girls and inviting youth to change their attitudes and behaviours.

    Am I the Solution? Posters
    Women’s Directorate, with the help of youth focus group participants, have created a series of posters as part of a youth component under the Am I the Solution? campaign.  The series of posters depict statistics on violence against women and girls and invite boys and girls to change their attitudes and behaviours.  The posters are specifically designed to reach boys and girls 13-17 years-old, across Yukon.

    Click on the images below to download the posters:


  • A book, called Only You Are You , which features anti-violence messaging and behavioural guidance for pre-school children. The book is distributed throughout Yukon to parents and caregivers through existing programs and services.

  • A training program entitled MOVE! Youth Helping Youth End Violence that created a YouTube video on bullying which can be seen at B.Y.T.E

  • Phase II is being guided by an interagency committee of individuals with experience in public education, youth engagement, and violence against women including:
    • Executive Director, BYTE - Chris Rider
    • Program Coordinator, Victoria Faulkner Women’s Centre - Hillary Aitken
    • First Nations male representative - Connor Whitehouse
    • Project Manager, Engaging Men and Boys in Ending Violence Against Women, Les EssentiELLES - Scott Carlson
    • Communications Manager, Public Service Commission - Sarah Crane
    • Social Media Analyst, Women’s Directorate – Julie Menard
  • The Am I the Solution campaign is guided by the result of a survey conducted in 2011 called What would make you act to stop male violence against women and girls?