Women's Directorate

Women's Directorate

Your Body Your Choice - Sexual Assault Prevention for Youth

If you’re not sure what sexual assault is, or how you can keep safe, this series of booklets can provide some answers.

If you know someone who has been sexually assaulted, or someone who is abusive, you may want to find out how to help them. If you have been sexually assaulted yourself, there are people who care about you and can help you. Sexual assault is a crime. It hurts people, relationships, families and communities.

One of the best ways to prevent sexual assault is to make sure that any relationship that you are in is a healthy, respectful one. It’s important that you know and your partners know that it is YOUR body, and always YOUR choice.

1 - Having a Healthy, Respectfuly Relationship [1388.98 KB ]
2 - What is Sexual Assault [1957.67 KB ]
3 - Other Forms of Abuse [2048.69 KB ]
4 - Getting Help [3271.76 KB ]
5 - Sexual Assault and the Law [1833.72 KB ]
6 - Preventing Sexual Assault [2209.65 KB ]
7 - Information for Guys [2476.87 KB ]